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Google: Teens prefer being lit/woke to ‘automative’ things

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What are kids into these days besides Snapchat and not buying cars, you might have wondered? How are they getting ready for the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Clean Coal industry that are going to be brought back any minute now? Hopefully they are polishing up their resumes ahead of interviews with the owners of the town mill or looking into that machinist's apprentice position that just opened up, rather than Snapchatting too much (whatever that is) or listening to Chance the Rapper.

Google set out to answer the question of what Generation Z (13- to 17-year-olds) and millennials (18- to 24-year-olds) are into by feeding some reels of magnetic tape and punch cards into their mainframe, commissioning three studies and running a few programs with streaming lines of green code. But first, the Google Mainframe made the following Matrixish (Matrixian?) observation about millennials and what the Google Machines call "RL."

"The activities they think are cool represent their generational power struggle between technology and RL (real life)," according to the study commissioned by Google and performed by YouGov and GutCheck.  

That sounds like the same power struggle that the Marx brothers wrote about in their seminal tome "Der Kommissar," so at least it's refreshing to hear that some power struggles never change.

Google: Teens prefer being lit/woke to 'automative' things

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