Home Cars Is this the least collectible Pontiac ever?

Is this the least collectible Pontiac ever?

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Even longtime Pontiac collectors will tell you that for every car that deserved the Pontiac pennant, there was another car that had no business wearing it. The unwholesomeness that was the Pontiac G3 is evidence enough for the latter part of this proposition, though we've met more than one Sunfire owner who was close to tears when describing the long-term quality of their daily drivers.

To be fair, a lot of the duds that received the Pontiac pennant were not borne of sketches on paper napkins by Pontiac engineers. The same individuals and philosophy that gave the world the GTO did not experience a eureka moment that resulted in the Chevette gaining the Pontiac badge along with some wood siding: They were the doing of the General Motors bureaucracy that wanted to spread the goodness that was the Chevette around to all GM divisions. Fortunately for everyone, the Pontiac T1000 has faded from roads and from collective memory, reminding us of its existence only briefly as the possible namesake for the liquid-metal Terminator in the popular 1991 sequel to the original film.

This brings us to an even more obscure GM badge-engineering exercise: the Pontiac Sunburst.

Is this the least collectible Pontiac ever?

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