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Power Probe butane soldering kit: Wireless wiring

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If you’ve ever done any wiring work on a car, you’re probably familiar with this process: Find your soldering iron, grab an extension cable, snake it out to your car and then lie on your back covered in an extension cord, the soldering iron power cable and any other wires from your project. Then run the risk of someone accidentally unplugging the iron as you’re bringing it up to temperature. It’s no fun.

Of course, there is a solution — the butane-powered soldering iron. Because butane soldering irons heat by way of a flame, you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally unplugging your tool or suffer fighting extension cords. You’ll be able to freely wander from your workbench to your project, without having to worry about anything — other than the dangerously hot soldering iron in your hand.

This Power Probe PPSK kit comes with a series of attachments that make it more useful — namely, the hot knife tip and the heat shrinking tip — but you’ll probably keep the standard tip affixed to the soldering head. Also, unlike the never-ending flow of electricity coming from your wall, you will need to keep butane on hand if you plan to do any soldering.

Power Probe butane soldering kit: Wireless wiring

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