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What kind of hybrid is this Dodge Challenger?

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Either Marylanders have a lax definition of what constitutes a hybrid or, as we suspect, this Dodge Challenger driver just doesn’t care. He or she wedged the muscle car between a Toyota Prius and Honda Accord hybrid in a clearly marked “Hybrid” parking spot.

Reddit, for all its good deeds for humanity, did take this opportunity to remind the world the Challenger could, in fact, be considered a hybrid. The large footprint of the five-seat coupe constitutes a land yacht classification to some. There’s also its mutt lineage: The Challenger has some Mercedes DNA from the DaimlerChrysler days, and it’s now built in Canada by an Italian conglomerate. It’s even available with all-wheel drive, so who knows what’s next. A hybrid boat version poised for the next James Bond film maybe?

Either way, the next time we see this Challenger it’ll probably be cruising down the HOV lane with a blow-up doll in the passenger seat.

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