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Haiku collection offers quick diversions

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Haiku collection offers quick diversionsA fun collection of poems, all in the 5-syllable, seven-syllable, five syllable pattern of haiku.James Gulliver Hancock 

New York City Haiku

From the readers of the New York Times

Illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock

(Universe Publishing, 128 pp, $15.95)

Years ago it hit,
as politicians droned on:
Haiku offers relief.

I’ve long loved the form
and email friends in this way.
Makes you distill thoughts.

Classic iambic,
elegant, rhythmic stanzas
call. Yet haiku wins.

We’re in New Jersey.
And proud of it, but New York
has so many jobs.

Some of these poets
make their homes in New Jersey
and cross the Hudson.

Where they work, eat, play.
And crafted lovely haikus
about Manhattan.

Haiku collection offers quick diversionsFrom the maddening to the charming, moments of being in NYC are captured in verse.James Gulliver Hancock 

Edison’s poet,
Amparo Pikarsky, writes
lyrically, concise.

She’s also funny
proven in second haiku.
Humor is so rare.

Amy VO Maffei
Washington Township’s poet
pens of seafood stall.

Haiku collection offers quick diversionsAmy VO Maffei, of Washington Township, is one of the New Jersey poets featured in this collection of haiku poems about New York City.John Snyder 

Commuters relate
as Robert Andersen leaves
wet Jersey City.

Poems harken back
such as Alan Teplitsky,’s
a Lawrenceville scribe:

I loved so many
in this compact collection
in particular

Karen Maquilan
of West New York who captures
the city’s glory

It’s a quick, fun read
Hancock’s drawings enchant me.
And, makes a great gift.

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