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Move over, Bieber: An unknown N.J. boy band is headlining Trump’s Easter Egg Roll

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Move over, Bieber: An unknown N.J. boy band is headlining Trump's Easter Egg Roll

The unknown Bro4 landed a gig previously played by Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Janelle Monae and Fifth Harmony (Photo courtesy Bro4)

Recent news reports have cast doubt on President Donald Trump’s staff’s ability to execute the high-stakes theater that is the White House Easter Egg Roll.

But don’t worry: It’s all good, bro. The boys from New Jersey have it covered.

Bro4, a pop boy-band from Ridgefield Park, will be among the entertainment at Monday’s event. The band will play three sets on the South Lawn throughout the festivities, to an audience expected to be more than 20,000 people. Not a bad gig for an unknown act, especially considering that previous Easter Egg Roll performers have included Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Janelle Monae and Fifth Harmony. 

The name Bro4 has a literal meaning; it’s members, Skyler Alam, 27, Levi Alam, 25, Madison Alam, 23, and CaseyJones Alam, 21, are all brothers. They all sing, they all play their own instruments and they all shared a room for seven years growing up.

The brothers describe the band’s sound as “The Beatles meets One Direction, with a twist of electronic dance funk.” 

The Trump administration infamously struggled to land big name acts for January’s inauguration. But while they understand that they’re far from a major name, the brothers insist they are nobody’s back-up plan. According to CaseyJones, Bro4’s recent anti-bullying campaign dovetails with First Lady Melania Trump’s work against cyberbullying.

Plus, they’re looking forward to a little sight-seeing.

“We’ve never even been to the White House,” Levi said. “The first time we’re actually seeing the White House, we’re playing there.”

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So how did a band that has released only two songs, garnered just 248 likes on Facebook and has a website that is still under construction land the gig of a lifetime?

Bro4 has been performing in New Jersey high schools as part of an anti-bullying campaign for about two years, Levi said. In the high school visits, the brothers talk with students about bullying and how to handle it before performing their music.

CaseyJones said that their management team, Starmaker Management, thought the band’s message fit well with the First Lady’s and reached out to the White House, who in turn invited the band to perform.

The band will be performing their anti-bullying track “Bruises” on Monday.

Bro4- Bruises

Madison said that the inspiration for “Bruises” and the band’s larger anti-bullying message came from his personal experiences growing up.

“I reached a point in life where I was really down,” Madison said. “Music and my brothers literally saved me. So that’s why we’re doing this.”

The band said that the details have been finalized for about a week, but no one really noticed until they were mentioned by Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.

“I just really blew up when Jimmy Kimmel talked about it,” CaseyJones said.

Say No More @jimmykimmellive

A post shared by BRO4 (@bro4rocks) on Apr 13, 2017 at 10:33pm PDT

Bro4 is the latest generation in a family of bro-tastic musicians. The brothers said that their father played in a band with his brothers, and their grandfather played in a band with his brothers.

“I was with our grandfather when we found out. He started crying,” Levi said. “After the Jimmy Kimmel thing, he went to every single one of our neighbors on our block and told them what was going on.”

The brother’s father recently passed away after a battle with cancer. CaseyJones said that one of his dying wish was that his sons would continue their work with the band.

“Everything has fallen into place since then,” CaseyJones said.

There’s a fifth brother in the family, J.D. Alam, 28, and he was in the band at least until 2014, when under the name Bro5 the brothers were named “Best Band in the Tri-State” by Power 95 WPLJ 95.5. Times and people change, however, and J.D. decided to leave the band about two years ago in order to pursue his own goals.

The brothers aren’t worried that agreeing to perform for President Trump will hurt their reputation. They’re not even sure they’ll have the chance to meet the President and the First Lady.

“We look at this as the most crazy opportunity in the world,” CaseyJones said. “If our reputations was trashed after this show, but out of the 20,000 kids if two of them were saved by our message then it is 100 percent worth it.”

The band declined to say whether or not they consider themselves Trump supporters or voted for the current president.  

The main goal that the brothers have for Bro4 remains the same, regardless of the trip to the White House: They want to be able to support their mother.

“Right now she brings the bread and we bring the butter, but we’re hoping to start bring home both,” Skyler said.

For a taste of the band’s sound listen to “Dreaming,” the only song currently on the group’s SoundCloud. According to a statement from the band, the song is inspired by the brother’s celebrity crushes: Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Chloe Grace Moretz and Kendall Jenner.

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