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Social media on controversial ad: We are not your Pepsi generation

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Social media on controversial ad: We are not your Pepsi generation

Model Kendall Jenner hands a police officer a Pepsi in a new, heavily criticized ad. (Pepsi/Twitter)

After Pepsi released an ad Tuesday starring model Kendall Jenner that appeared to reference the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-Trump protests and resistance to the current administration, the commercial was swiftly panned by the masses on social media. 

In handing a police officer a Pepsi, Jenner’s positioning and body language appeared to be mimicking the famous photo of Ieshia Evans, a Black Lives Matter protester in Baton Rouge who had been standing still as officers approached in riot gear.)

Tweets criticized and mocked the soda ad with scenes of police confrontations throughout history to the tune of — “well, if only they had a Pepsi, maybe everything would be OK.” In one, Martin Luther King Jr. is seen calling Jesse Jackson to ask him to bring Pepsi to march on Selma, Alabama. 

In the ad, Jenner appears to be in the middle of a photo shoot and sees people marching in the street. She catches the eye of one of them and heads outside, where she hands the officer a can of the soda. The crowd goes wild. A message flashes up on the screen: “Live Bolder.” 

“This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey,” Pepsi said in a statement issued to People. 

But no, social media was not having it. Here’s a small slice of the backlash. 

[<a href=”//storify.com/NJentertainment/pepsi-commercial-fallout-ad-starring-kendall-jenne” target=”_blank”>View the story “Pepsi commercial fallout: Ad starring Kendall Jenner ad rankles social media ” on Storify</a>]<h1>Pepsi commercial fallout: Ad starring Kendall Jenner ad rankles social media </h1><h2></h2><p>Storified by <a href=”https://storify.com/NJentertainment”>NJ.com</a>· Wed, Apr 05 2017 15:57:57
</p><div>Kendall Jenner and Pepsi trying to co-opt Trump protests and Black Lives Matter? Collective cringing and wincing could be heard all over Twitter.</div><div>Because my face says what my words can’t… watching the #pepsi commercial. What were you thinking @KendallJenner https://t.co/55QhRflwf6Giustina Romanec</div><div>we dont need riot police we just need a pepsi #lol https://t.co/meDngJGv7WChipmonkz [?] </div><div>A tone-deaf spot from an obviously tone-deaf brand…
https://t.co/CEw1wveT75 https://t.co/YkrNvjTPGvMatt Lester</div><div>@JustinYounger What real protest signs look like, @pepsi. https://t.co/lKIqXwKWc9Matthew Merkovich</div><div>#KendallJenner had no idea of the shit about to hit her fan #PepsiLivesMatter #pepsi https://t.co/SRg9633svAJordan Middendorf</div><div>Kendell be like, "I don’t always drink @pepsi, but when I do, I experience economic & social struggle like everyone else." https://t.co/nrYnMurGZ2amber sexton</div><div>My response to the @pepsi ad with @KendallJenner https://t.co/X5pPIkjGnySoNefSoClean</div><div>living my best life knowing i didn’t appear in that pepsi ad https://t.co/xu1G9S4Bzrwinepapi</div><div>If you get someone who finds you a complete embarrassment, I suggest handing them a Pepsi. https://t.co/r8CuN6IZKuPhytobezoar</div><div>When you see a Pepsi ad that features the combination of Kendall Jenner and the trivialization of the Black Lives Matter movement https://t.co/Tws3XutfPsJoey Zimmerman</div><div>”Hi, I’m Rachel Dolezal for Crystal Pepsi” https://t.co/A2rF6eVvRZ https://t.co/CxJXxHmVdaDorseyMc</div><div>Me when people asked me if Pepsi was okay before: no thanks. Me now: https://t.co/TyXpnkzotqemily zupnik</div><div>"Systematic oppression or free Pepsi??? ehhhhhh, I don’t know. tough one." https://t.co/fWavpYzcq1Niree</div><div>Coke at Pepsi: https://t.co/glbUv77GOwSimeon J. Ellis</div><div>I didn’t know why people got so fed up with that Pepsi commercial then I saw the whole thing… https://t.co/wH8d8wCwb0NickTheMex</div><div>This @pepsi ad accurately describes the Trump administration. https://t.co/rBTlM3FDq1Not the real Macha</div><div>The CEO of Pepsi at tomorrow’s meeting: https://t.co/XgJ2vqM7RTDeloise Ito</div><div>Many riffed on the idea that Pepsi could somehow be a bridge between the black community and police. Or immigrants and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. </div><div>[?] RT @B_Effin_G: "Aye…tell Jesse to get a 6-pack of Pepsi and bring it to Selma. I’ll explain later…" https://t.co/GYX4lD6P3bLil Haiti BaeBy</div><div>https://t.co/FJHUDl4yqu Omgosh this is horrible to laugh at but it really is seriously funny gosh dang it Pepsi u done messed up @pewdiepie https://t.co/EAfp2kXvyETrisha Rose</div><div>Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi. I’m crying real tears right now. [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] #Pepsi #KendallJenner https://t.co/ZYgq5DcPOGLydia Aurieux</div><div>"I ain’t got no Pepsi, so y’all gon hafta do whatchu gotta do." https://t.co/wWIjypI23eWill Wildfire</div><div>Yo @Pepsi can you release a can that convinces @ICEgov to stop separating families??? https://t.co/ovVWxKlsRXIvan Ceja</div><div>I like to keep Pepsi under the back seat at all times just in case I get pulled over https://t.co/OYXAtIXDW1Daniel LoPriore</div><div>Is the marketing director of pepsi an out of touch 15yr old white kid? https://t.co/h0s8FrFgOcBryon</div><div>Hold up! I got pepsi in my pocket! https://t.co/2HSJVTbf0RPia</div><div>So giving the police a Pepsi is going to prevent them from shooting an unarmed black man? #TheView #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/wojbD8CxfaSherri Shavon</div><div>Others pointed to instances when Pepsi ads won fans, not critics. </div><div>This Beyonce one was also great, Pepsi made a great choice https://t.co/UKo7ISLdOiG.</div><div>@MichelleDBeadle Life was easier when @LoveTinaTurner ruled the word. #Pepsi https://t.co/fJ8e11y5LL80sSportsNStuff</div><div>this Pepsi commercial will forever be iconic https://t.co/iAdHB0SaXqJay Shirah</div><div>The debacle had others scrambling for a Coke or a Dr Pepper. </div><div>Still a better commercial than that dumpster fire #pepsi just dropped. #coke #herapesbuthesaves #davechappelle #cosby https://t.co/UuQptbcIOpJamie Tannock</div><div>.@pepsi #LiveForNow This ad, noow that’s worth a boycott for me, everyone drink @drpepper https://t.co/kSGndClviRMaxx Sixx</div><div>@RozayDays5 @TristanUCF1 When you order a Coke and they ask is Pepsi ok… https://t.co/pjxs8O65XmDeLaina Sarden</div><div>Meanwhile, the commercial became a kind of meme in and of itself. </div><div>"You thought It cud be Pepsi… Mscheeew https://t.co/WxyRq0rpzPWamaani Marc Royal</div><div>Pepsi: The secret success of the Passover miracle. https://t.co/lrmPyImCbcTech Tribe</div>


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