Home Politics Bill Maher notes all the things that make President Trump sound like “a third-world dictator”

Bill Maher notes all the things that make President Trump sound like “a third-world dictator”

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It seems the more mishaps President Trump has, the louder his supporters and fans come in defense of him. So on Friday, Bill Maher created a trophy on “Real Time” that went to the person who’s “ass-kissed” the president the most this week.

First, Maher noted all the similarities Trump has with autocrats.

“The things that Trump does that sounds like a third-world dictator,” Maher said. “Put your name on buildings, appoint family to positions of power, your rallies are scary, you hate the press and talk bout jailing reporters, you want missile parades, you use the office for financial gain, you love other dictators, you lie so freely people can’t tell the difference between truth and lies . . . the constant, ridiculous over the top flattery that the dear leader needs.”

“In North Korea,” Maher added, “Kim Jong Un, they say things like he learned to drive at the age of the three. The old man, the father, they say that he trained his body so that he never needed to urinate and defecate. He invented the hamburger, and still didn’t need to defecate. When he was born a new star was created and winter turned to spring. The first time he played golf, he hit 11 holes in one.”

It is this over-the-top flattery that Maher has begun to see in America. So Maher invented a new trophy for those that give Trump the same fawning as dictators.

Maher played a clip of the president’s most vocal apologists — like Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News commentator who called Trump this week “our commander in chief, the pillar of strength and a true advocate for America.” He also played a clip of former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who said that Trump “is the greatest communicator as a president we have ever had.”

But the award this week for biggest ass-kisser went to Hope Hicks, the long-time communications staffer of the president who penned a statement saying the president has a “magnetic personality” that “exudes positive energy.”

Watch Maher read the first draft of Hicks’ statement above.

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