Home Politics War is fast approaching: Where will President Trump invade first?

War is fast approaching: Where will President Trump invade first?

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                                War is fast approaching: Where will President Trump invade first?

It almost seems inevitable that President Donald Trump will push the United States into war. Despite his isolationist, America-first rhetoric during the campaign, Trump has discovered that war provocation and displays of military might can captivate the media and its audience. As a result, he has earned some support from unlikely people.

There are many possibilities for which nation Trump will declare war on first — Syria, North Korea and Gibraltar seem to be the top contenders.

Trump’s own base was not pleased about his missile strike on a Syrian airbase, which he launched in retaliation to a chemical attack that killed 80 people. So we know the president doesn’t necessarily have carte blanche when it comes to military intervention, and where to invade first is a question that Trump himself probably cannot answer at this point.

But he has, almost certainly, thought about it.

With North Korea, Trump is dealing with a rogue state that has increasingly ramped up its nuclear capabilities. The president signaled to China, the biggest player in the region, that he was not going to tolerate North Korea’s belligerence. But Trump has a kindred spirit of sorts in North Korea leader Kim Jong Un — both were born into powerful families that constructed things in their name. It’s possible that Trump has too much in common with Kim Jong Un to pull the trigger on the country.

Consequently, Syria may be the ultimate military destination. The United States already has a presence in Syria, and is at war with ISIS and the pro-Syrian government forces that are being backed by Russia and Iran. If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues to use chemical weapons or indiscriminately attacks civilians, Trump might be compelled to invade and bring about regime change.

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