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WATCH: Seth Meyers wants to get to the bottom of Devin Nunes’ investigations

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                                WATCH: Seth Meyers wants to get to the bottom of Devin Nunes’ investigations

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers has some harsh words for Devin Nunes, the California Republican who’s been the face of a bizarre news cycle about Trump’s wiretapping claims.  But now that Meyers mentioned it, a film about this “bumbling congressman turned spy” would actually seem pretty interesting.

“Nunes has been running around D.C. like he’s James Bond just find out where Trump had dinner,” Meyers quipped, pointing to Nunes’ shady behavior — like jumping out of a car in order to jump into an Uber on the night he allegedly visited the White House — as proof that “this whole thing is starting to turn into an episode of ‘Dateline.’”

Where there’s Nunes, though, there’s President Donald Trump. And every day, a new relationship between the Trump administration and a Russian source is coming to life.

“It would just be easier to talk about  people at the White House who didn’t meet with shady Russians,” Meyers noted. “For example, here’s Mike, the White House groundskeeper. And before that, he was — let’s see — head groundskeeper at the Kremlin. Son of a bitch!”

But, as Meyers noted that Trump could not avoid screaming about slights, and trying to divert attention to his favorite topic, Hillary Clinton, and why she’s not under investigation (Hint: It’s because she’s not president, and has been cleared of all her investigations). “You know why Congress isn’t looking into Hillary Clinton?” Meyers asked. “Because every day you’re presenting them with a thousand different problems. If Godzilla is rampaging in the street, it’s not the time to say, ‘We need to fix these potholes.’”

Meyers found his answer to whom Donald Trump should be compared to, and he found the comparison in “The Big Lebowski.”

“Now that you think about it, The Dude and Trump have a lot in common. They both had the afros, both obsessed with their rugs, and they both love white Russians.”


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