Home Sports John Madden trashes Raiders relocation: ‘Really bothers me’

John Madden trashes Raiders relocation: ‘Really bothers me’

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			John Madden trashes Raiders relocation: ‘Really bothers me’

John Madden is in shock and aw-shucks about the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

The Raiders legend let SirusXM know his distaste for the team’s relocation to Nevada in an interview with it’s Hall of Fame Radio program Wednesday. Madden essentially blasted owner Mark Davis for eliminating years of yarns.

“There’ll be no more history of the Oakland Raiders,” Madden said. “That really bothers me.”

Little wonder, considering Madden won a Super Bowl as a player and another as a coach of the Oakland vintage Raiders. And even when the team went to Los Angeles, he added, it wasn’t the same as this time.

“It really gets you because of the finality of it,” Madden said. “When they moved before, that was after I got out and I was in broadcasting and I wasn’t that much of a part of it, but we had a stadium in Oakland that was relevant. And so, ‘OK, Oakland may lose the Raiders, but we’ll get another team,’ because that was the way it was working back then.

“And with the stadium now, when they move out, that’s going to be torn down and it’s going to be a high-rise or some doggone thing and there’ll be no more Oakland Raiders, there’ll be no more history of the Oakland Raiders. That really bothers me.”

The Pleasanton resident described himself as “really shocked” at how swiftly the NFL approved the move.

“I didn’t think that that would happen and when they got a vote of 31-1, I was really shocked and I was surprised not only that it happened, but how quickly that it happened,” Madden said. “And I’m not sure that they have that whole deal together yet. I’m not sure that they even know exactly what this stadium is — how many (seats it has), where it’s going to be and all those things.”

Also up in the air is how players will act in Sin City. Madden does not envy coach Jack Del Rio’s role — though the Raiders coach seems ready for the challenge.

“I would hate to be a coach to take a team in there,” Madden said. “I would hate to have my team be in Las Vegas on Saturday night before the game. And that’s any team. You say, ‘Well, you had a bunch of rowdies,’ but every team has a bottom 10. You can say, ‘Oh, we got a good group, it’s a great group, we’re together,’ and all this stuff. Say you have 55 guys. Forty-five of them can be perfect, but you’ve got that bottom 10. And you have to be as good as your last guy. If this thing goes through, I think there’s going to be a lot of problems like that.”

Suffice to say John Madden is none too happy about the migration.

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