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Sean Doolittle styles a new look with flashy eyeware

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			Sean Doolittle styles a new look with flashy eyeware

OAKLAND – There will be a new look this season for Sean Doolittle, a bit of Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn creeping into real baseball.

Doolittle, who has treated his chronic poor eyesight with contact lens through the early stages of his career, has taken to wearing new glasses, and not the classic frump glasses that Charlie Sheen styled as the Wild Thing in “Major League.”

It’s likely they will get their first full public viewing Monday evening when the A’s and the Angels assemble along the base lines for the tradition pre-season introduction.

These glasses are black and sleek, more befitting a villain from the next movie sequel out of the Marvel Comics mold. And one more thing: they’re necessary. Very necessary after Doolittle flunked his mandatory annual eye test in Arizona in early March.

“I barely passed the eye exam last year,” Doolittle said. “This year, I didn’t. So they are prescription. And where I’ve always worn contacts before, this will be my new look.”

And he kind of likes the way he looks on the mound with them as well has how he looks through the half-frames branded as Flak 2.0.

“For years I’ve been just about able to see the catcher’s signs behind the plate he said. “I had trouble seeing stuff on some scoreboards. But that’s all changed now. I compare it to going from standing definition television to super HD. Now I can see everything I am supposed to see.”

The A’s have had several players of recent vintage who wore glasses on the field, including infielder Eric Sogard and reliever Tyler Clippard. So while it’s unusual to have a player with prescription glasses on the field that aren’t sunglasses, it’s not totally out of bounds.

“I’m still setting up the same on the mound. Nothing changes in that regard,” Doolittle said. “I keep telling myself I’m ready for this after all those years and years of wearing sunglasses.”

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