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Steve Kerr expresses disappointment about Raiders’ move to Las Vegas

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			Steve Kerr expresses disappointment about Raiders’ move to Las Vegas

SAN ANTONIO — One day after Draymond Green backed Oakland in its divorce from the Raiders — saying he wouldn’t attend another game — Warriors coach Steve Kerr expressed disappointment about the franchise’s impending departure for Las Vegas.

“Just disappointed for the fans in the Bay Area,” Kerr said. “I think I said this when the Chargers left, but in my opinion, sports franchises belong to the community. I know that’s an incredibly naive thing to say, but I believe that. I believe sports franchises belong to the community and I think owners are sort of guardians, custodians and need to do everything they can to make it work in that community. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. So I wouldn’t make a good owner, I guess. Or maybe I’d make a great owner? I don’t know.

“But to me, there should be ways to find investors who can help keep the team around, not necessarily public financing. But this is probably my heart speaking and I think it’s awful when teams leave a city, leave an area after so many years of history and connections to generations of fans. It’s really, really sad.”

The Warriors are also leaving Oakland right around the same time as the Raiders, but moving just across the Bay to a new arena in San Francisco, not to another state.

“I feel bad for the people of Oakland, but we’re not leaving the Bay Area,” Kerr recently said on a podcast with The Ringer. “We get fans from all over the Bay. I think it’s a necessary move to advance our organization (and) it’s going to improve our standing. It’s going to improve our revenue. But we’re still right here in the Bay. To go to a game, if you’re living in the East Bay, you just get on BART, and it’s not that big of a deal. So I don’t equate this at all with a team packing up and leaving. We’re still right here.”

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