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Steward: NFL carved fresh legacy with Raiders’ Vegas decision–No Future League

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			Steward: NFL carved fresh legacy with Raiders’ Vegas decision–No Future League

Darting here and there …

–No Fun League, No Fan League, and after the NFL sold its soul to Las Vegas this week, very possibly the No Future League.

–It says everything to us about a league that turns up its nose to the esteemed Ronnie Lott for Al’s kid with the conspicuous cold sore.

–Tim Kawakami was right on the money – literally – when he wrote the Raiders’ Vegas deal was all manipulated and massaged by Jerry Jones. The league is the Dallas owner’s personal puppet show, as if we needed another reason to despise the Cowboys.

–Roger Goodell, in his infinite lack of wisdom, says that in 2037, Vegas will be the same size as Oakland. He should have added it’s already a bigger black hole.

–Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf shouldn’t be blamed. She should be cheered for standing up to Goodell’s gluttonous goons. You want the real scapegoat, go find her did-nothing predecessor, wherever she’s hiding.

 –Also to be cheered: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, who tweeted this week: “Sad to see Oakland fans lose their team because one of America’s richest men greedily held a cash-strapped city hostage for public funds.” That ought to play well at 345 Park Ave., site of NFL headquarters.

–It’s worse than that, Mayor Bill. Mark Davis isn’t one of America’s richest men. Not even close. He’s just a well-positioned beggar.

–We can only assume the NFL’s “conditional” approval has to do with Davis’ ability to sell PSLs to this glitzy new un-built stadium. Good luck. They better come with free passes to that planned Raiders brothel, and even then it could be a tough sell.

–It is somewhat mind-blowing that Davis actually registered the URL “LasVegasRaiders.com” way back in 1998, right around the time he must have also registered “RidiculousBowlCuts.org.”

–Davis says he wants to make peace with East Bay Raiders fans and win them a Super Bowl before he bolts town. Nah, no need for pathetic parting gifts, Mark. In fact, we’d like to give you next year’s team slogan: “Booted in Oakland.”

–Dispiriting as this week’s news was, 49ers G.M. John Lynch’s invitation for Raiders fans to take a ride on their Reading definitely won’t pass Go.

–The A’s are giving away free green caps in exchange for discarded Giants caps? What can we get in exchange for an Aldon Smith jersey? (A game-worn one might actually be quite valuable)

–Oakland shouldn’t be bemoaning the loss of the Raiders when it has the best basketball team on earth … at least for a couple more years, anyway.

–Spot the Spurs 22 in San Antonio and still win going away on the tail end of a back-to-back without Kevin Durant. Amazing that there are still people out there who think these Warriors don’t have the guts.

–So Durant can score on Willie Green. Hooray, but that doesn’t tell us much. When he can score on Draymond Green, we’ll know he’s really ready.

–Chuck Berry and Chuck Barris died in the same week. Somehow, Chuck Barkley survived.

–LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been so bad, Stephen A. Smith has almost been rendered speechless. Almost. Well, no, sorry, not really.

–Why does the new NBC Sports Bay Area need to be “powered by Xfinity” when it now has Jose Canseco as a pre- and post-game analyst?

–Canseco will provide his insight and commentary on A’s telecasts remotely from his home in – and you can’t make up this kind of stuff — Las Vegas.

–By the way, as long as they’re not changing Ros Gold-Onwude’s name, we’re good with CSN’s moniker adjustment.

–We admittedly have a strong alum-nut rooting interest, but it’s a dream scenario that might not be such a pipe-dream: Oregon beats North Carolina and then South Carolina for the NCAA hoops crown. Sorry, Zags.

–Oregon’s last NCAA basketball title was achieved before one of its most illustrious alums, Jim Barnett, was even born. So you know it’s been a long, long, looong time.

–Finally, in case you haven’t heard, baseball season’s about to start, and among other things, we find out for sure if Matt Cain is able. Try to get that bet in Vegas.

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